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House of Cards season 2 hits viewers like a train

Staff Reporter

Published: Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Updated: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 01:02

House of Cards

Netflix, Nathaniel E. Bell | Associated Press

This image released by Netflix shows Robin Wright as Clair Underwood, left, and Kevin Spacey as Francis Underwood in a scene from "House of Cards."

Note: this article contains spoilers

While most of America was buying last minute gifts to ensnare their Valentine, many were settling down for a marathon on the couch.

The highly anticipated second season of "House of Cards" premiered Friday on Netflix and slaps viewers in the face with intense political drama intertwined with murder.

The main characters, Francis and Claire Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright respectively, continue to shock and manipulate the audience into rooting for the villainous Francis Underwood. Underwood finished season one as the newly appointed Vice President after strategically staging a suicide of fellow congressman Peter Russo disguised as murder and dethroned standing Vice President. 

And the blood continued to flow throughout the second installment.  

The most shocking moments happened in the first episode with yet another murder of reporter Zoe Barnes that many hoped would take down Underwood. Yet the deception is two-fold, Claire Underwood went from stabbing her employees in the back to physically denying their right to life.

Rape, and abortion tends to be a sensitive topic for most. “House of Cards” went head first into the issue with the unveiling of Claire’s college rape and her decision to abort the pregnancy that followed.

In the real political realm something of this nature would instantly destroy a representative; not for the Underwood’s who come out of the scandal politically stronger.

The continuous gain of the Underwood’s proves that good does not always triumph over evil.

Francis Underwood has taken the route from anti-hero to a full out villain. Threats that arose in the first season to bring down Francis Underwood’s quest for power have been hung only to be threatened again. 

Much like the first season, the couple that conspires together stays together. Francis and Claire Underwood each have a specific agenda that requires a form of manipulation from the other party, due to the partnership they yet again come out on top.

 “I used to be on the edge of the frame,” Francis Underwood said. “Now, I’m only three feet away.”

As the story arc begins to unfold, those determined to binge watch will make it through the midseason lull in just a few hours on their way to the epic climax.

However, those who have chosen a life outside of 13 hours of a single show may get deterred and skip to the end.

Unearthing new characters, and sub plots this season can keep a viewer tied to the screen. Although the story may provide for some time away for Underwood to manipulate more inter-workings, they provide little to no benefit for the show itself.

The last episode makes the season.

There is no rest for the wicked, and there is no stronger force than a lust for power. Francis Underwood gives no final monologue, which is significant as he stands over his new desk.

His struggle to gain power is over and his future will depend on his ability to keep control over the web of lies and deception that he's created. 

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