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French Week film 'Les Visiteurs' displays exaggerated acting, comedy

Staff Reporter

Published: Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 00:11

Les Visiteurs, a French film, was shown on Monday for French Week.

The film is about a nobleman, Godefroy, and his peasant, Jacquouille, who are sent from 1193 to 1993.  While in 1993, they run into their future relatives, who help them get back home.

It was a fantasy and comedy movie. The film was strange. It was expected to be out there because French comedy is different from American comedy. The French exaggerate  their jokes and play up the goofy effects. It has more of a cartoon element, but in real life. The effects are definitely over the top. In a scene where Godefroy drinks from his spiked flask and starts to hallucinate, the castle he is looking at starts bouncing and the faces of his friends start to swirl.

The movie was easy to follow and simple. The story seemed overdone. There are “millions” of movies that have the plot of ancient people coming to current times. It is a crowd pleaser to see people be incompetent of our current technology. For example, in Les Visiteurs, the two men from ancient times do not know where to wash their hands so they wash them in the toilet instead of the sink. The two also get confused about using the telephone.

The acting is alright. An actor that Americans would know is Jean Reno. He is in the The Da Vinci Code and has a small role in Couples Retreat. Reno plays the nobleman, Godefroy. All the other actors are French and known for French movies. The actors were talented, they portrayed their characters as strange which was what the whole movie is about.

The audience should be opened minded if they want to see Les Visiteurs. Any foreign film may seem odd to Americans. This is also a comedy so the amusing parts will be different from what we are used to seeing.

We give this movie three out of five paws.

To continue French Week, there will be a food sampling Tuesday in the University Hotel second floor lobby at 6 p.m. and the showing of Joyeux Noel at 5 p.m. in AB4, room 302.

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