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Dance Gallery filled with outrageous choreography

Staff Reporter

Published: Monday, October 8, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 00:10


Photo courtesy of Lynn Lane

NobelMotions “Lorlei’s Whisper” used silhouette lighting to highlight dancers. Any movement in front of the light created shadows on audience members.

The Dance Gallery Festival was held at the James and Nancy Gaertner Performing Arts Center on Oct. 6.

Companies from around the world came to perform at Sam Houston State University and are headed off to New York to perform at the Alvin Ailey Theater.

The purpose of the event was to recognize dancers and give them the opportunity to showcase their talents. Astrid Von Ussar, the artistic director of the Dance Gallery Festival, first started this event in New York. SHSU is lucky to be apart of this festival.

It was close to a full-house on the second night of the performance. There were 11 different dance companies from around the US and other countries that were involved in this event.

The premiere of the Dance Gallery Festival started with a piece called "Triptych" choreographed by Tim Glenn, a professor at Florida State University. This piece was something I can't say that I have seen before. The choreography consisted of what he refers to as a 'videodance'. Three female dancers dressed in what looked like wedding gowns performed this piece. The use of videography was very creative and unique. However, the choreography itself was strange. Harsh cutting movements and what seemed to be little dance technique made the storyline unclear to me.

The next piece “Faun” was performed by a dance company from Italy, Celli Contemporary Ballet. These three dancers seemed to move effortlessly around the stage and had absolutely gorgeous lines. The dancers mad the performance effortless.

Next to perform was a newly formed dance company based out of New York. Although “In Dividing” started with no music, you could feel the beat the dancer was moving to. The choreography and use of partnership was impressive. The audience thought as a whole, that this dance had a lot going on at once, but because of the way this piece was choreographed, the movements fell together. This was one of the top three dances of the night

The first three dances of the second half left audience members all but impressed.

"In Jeff, Andy and the Business of Art, I really didn't understand any of the storyline. He poured soup on himself while dancing in and out of a picture frame. I was very confused," Jackie Barrack said.


However, the last two dances of the evening met every expectation.

“Chemistry” was a group number performed by Revolve Dance Company from Spring, Texas. With upbeat music, fun choreography and precise movements, this performance had the crowd tapping their feet to the rhythm. Each and every one of the dancers on that stage looked like they were having the time of their lives dancing together. From their développé leaps to their pirouettes, every dancer was elegant and on count. This performance was another top three of the night.

Last but not least was the performance 'Lorelei's Whisper' by NobleMotion Dance Company from Huntsville, TX. The lights in the theater were turned off and the use of a silhouette light brightened the stage. In this performance, physical features of the dancer were not evident, only their movements. The use of the lighting and the fog made the dancers appear almost angelic as they gracefully moved in and out of the light on stage. Something as simple as the light touching their fingertips made rays of light shine through to the audience. Dancers leaped, kicked, spun and soared through the air leaving the audience in awe.


"I am so very proud of them! All of the dancers did so great" Dionne Noble, owner of NobleMotion Dance Company, said after the performance Saturday evening.


“Loelei’s Whisper” was the best dance of the night. The interesting use of fog and lighting combined with the gracefulness of the dancers made this piece beautiful and very enjoyable to watch. This performance deserves five paws.

The dance gallery festival as a whole was very unique and a wonderful experience. With the exception of a few weird dances, the Gallery was enjoyable.  The Dance Gallery Festival deserves 4 out of 5 paws.

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