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Comedy Central's 'Key and Peele' to return in the Fall

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Published: Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Updated: Tuesday, February 4, 2014 23:02

Jordan Peele

Kevin Edwards | Palo Alto

One of the two comedians, Jordan Peele, cranks out jokes.

The television sitcom Key and Peele debuted last year with exceptional ratings. Key and Peele have another chance to raid to the home televisions once.

The Comedy Central comedy Key and Peele is to return fall of 2014.

Similar to the late “Chappelle Show”, this sketch comedy show has a combination of stand-up as well as pre-recorded sketches that are not particularly bits to be seen by children.

The skit comedy was created mainly by Keegan – Michael Key and Jordan Peele. Both men are the stars and creators of the show. They are also former cast members of MadTV. Peele had the role of a Scottish warlord/rape victim, and Key as general character dating back as early as 1999.

Key & Peele has been recorded to have close to 2 million viewers a week.

The two TV stars are advocates of diversity. Their skits are mainly about the stigma associated with black-culture and how other perceive them. The biracial pair touch on topics like: racism, politics, gender differences, and general social issues down to the way people speak.

According to, Key feels that people have always questioned the way he speaks. He simply speaks correct English:

“It cannot be a coincidence that I decided to go into a career where my whole purpose is altering the way I speak and experiencing these different characters and maybe proving in my soul that the way someone speaks has nothing to do with who they are, ” Key said.

Peele feels just about the same:

“I was lucky enough to be in a great town and great schools that had a certain amount of diversity,” he said.

For many years to come, people will associate speaking correct English with talking “white”.

Regardless of the feedback they receive, the two have a passion for what they do. Their new season will be one to see.

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