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Bethesda finally releases Elder Scrolls DLC for PlayStation 3

Published: Sunday, January 27, 2013

Updated: Monday, January 28, 2013 23:01

After witnessing Xbox users happily enjoy the three DLC packs released for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, and PC users only needing the third installment to complete their collections, PlayStation users were all but without hope of ever seeing a single installment with their dragonborns.

And let's face it, after seven months of no news but to just be patient, who wouldn't lose hope after so much time had passed?

Well, it actually seems as if waiting has paid off, as Bethesda has finally released information on their blog over the arrival of all three DLC packs within the month of February for the PS3. While no official release dates have been announced, PS3 users can expect Dragonborn to be the first to be released, followed by Hearthfire, and then finally Dawnguard, the initial DLC that Bethesda had encountered issues with releasing it to the PlayStation system. On top of the good news of the DLC's long awaited arrival, each pack will be 50 percent off its original price throughout the duration of their launch week.

As one of the many fans who purchased Skyrim for the PlayStation 3, I could not be more excited at the release of this news. I had even reached the point of almost purchasing the game and its respective DLC for the PC just so I could be in on the loop with what players on the Xbox and PC were experiencing.

All across social media and groups of friends collaborating to discuss the newest DLC was not only a painful reminder for what I had not yet had the opportunity to experience for myself, but in actuality a feeling of ostracism. Being a member of the gaming community and completely unable to participate in discussions of 2011's Game of the Year due to technical issues experienced by a game developer as prestigious as Bethesda is, well disheartening. Especially when you look at the fact that the current generation of consoles is on their last leg as the approach of next gen technology is quickly approaching. The fact that game developers can still have issues with current gen consoles isn't exactly a comforting thought with the release of next gen consoles just around the corner.

However, I am glad to see that Bethesda is releasing each pack half off its original price for their launch weeks as demanding full price for products users have waited months for would have been absolutely ridiculous. It is actions such as this that, even though we know game developers can and will run into problems with games from time to time, they maintain a sense of humanity and are not just seen as a business only concerned with making more money.

The fact that Bethesda has offered their content at a lower price shows as their way to make up for the time lost to enjoy their content by the players.

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