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Beliebers Sigh In Relief As The Case Against Justin Bieber Falls Apart

Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

Published: Sunday, January 26, 2014

Updated: Sunday, January 26, 2014 18:01



By now, the world has seen (and commented on) pop star Justin Bieber’s smiling mugshot seen around the world.


Bieber, along with his friend and sometimes rapper Khalil, were arrested last Thursday night on suspicion of driving under the influence and for supposed drag racing in Miami. 


Initial police reports painted a grim and disturbing picture of the “Bad Day” singer. They claimed that he reeked of alcohol and was driving at excessive speeds.


However, there are reports that are beginning to surface that may prove Bieber’s innocence and  give the public yet another reason not to trust the police.


According to the police report itself, the arresting officer claimed the following:


“I immediately smelled an odor of alcohol emanating from the driver’s breath and bloodshot eyes.”


Well according to the Miami Harold, the “Be Alright” singer only blew a 0.011 and a 0.014 on the breathalyzer test which is well below any amount of alcohol that would have caused his breath to reek of booze. 


That’s one point for Bieber and zero for the Miami Police Department. 


The cops also claimed that Bieber was so called drag racing against his friend in two very expensive sports cars. A CNN report claimed that Bieber’s rented yellow Ferrari was speeding at excessive speeds of 60 mph in a 30 mph residential zone.


But according to TMZ, the very expensive sports car that the “Baby” crooner was driving was equipped with GPS tracking that also happened to record the speed and times of the whereabouts of the car. 


Lets take a look at what those nifty little devises had to say:


At 4 am when the cops claimed Bieber was speeding at 60 mph at the 3500 block of Pine Tree Drive, the devices only recorded him driving 34 mph after which he quickly slowed down.


The device only recorded one other instance of speeding earlier in the night when the driver was traveling 52 mph in a 50 mph zone after which they quickly slowed down.


Its not hard to conclude that drag racing doesn't entail following the posted speed limits or maybe the definition itself need to be redefined.


It’s safe to bet that the cops didn’t account for those pesky little recording devices to be installed in the rare and very expensive automobiles.


That’s two points for Bieber and zero for the police. 


Now going into round three, Bieber condemns himself. TMZ said that he confessed to being high on pot and prescription pills at the time of arrest but since when does a little reefer and a Xanax severely impair anyone is mind boggling. 

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