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Actresses of 'Seagull' steal the stage

A&E Editor

Published: Thursday, November 1, 2012

Updated: Thursday, November 1, 2012 00:11


Molly Waddell | The Houstonian

Masha pulls away from Medvedenko as he asks her to go home to their baby, but she doesn't love him.

“Seagull” receives a standing ovation after actors give heart wrenching performances.

The seagull in “Seagull,” represents the freedom that Nina, played by Amanda Parker, wanted and thought she would get in her pursuit of acting.

The actors portray their characters expertly, specifically Melissa Molano who played Masha. Masha is unhappy with her life and in love with Treplev, played by Jonathan Teverbaugh, who did not even notice her. Molano does a fantastic job at playing a heart broken girl. She is not the typical sad girl who cries all of the time, instead she drinks to make up for her emptiness.

Masha, although disdained with her life, added some comedic relief to the serious play with her attitude and drunkenness.

Parker also showed great character development. Her character, Nina, went through a drastic change and Parker was able to make that change while still keeping a bit of the original Nina in her acting.

“I really liked the transition we saw especially with the character Nina,” SHSU student Zach Adar said. “It was really incredible seeing the transition not just with her but with all. It was masterfully put together.”

The final female of the show allowed the audience to connect and relate. Robin Van Zandt who plays Polina represents the typical motherly figure. Polina always worries about her lover getting sick, and about her daughter, Masha’s broken heart. Van Zandt does a fabulous job grasping this character and giving her some flair.

Although the women stole the show, the audience could not help but feel for Treplev. Teverbaugh gave his character life and emoted so well that he leaves some of the audience members crying for him.

“It was funny but had some serious things in it. It was just a good play,” SHSU student Trey Bonentine said. “It was very well done.”

“Seagull,” is a great production and will leave the audience thinking about the loves in their lives. The play runs from Thursday to Saturday at 8 p.m. with a matinee showing at 2 p.m. on Saturday.

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